Welcome to the Interactive Agenda for the 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference! (View the full ICS Cyber Security Conference website here)  This agenda is currently a work in progress, please check back often as our team is making upates DAILY. (You can register for the conference here)
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Sergio Alvarez

Applied Risk
Security Researcher and Reverse Engineer

Sergio Alvarez is an security researcher and reverse engineer at Applied Risk, with over 15 of experience in vulnerability research, exploit development and both blackbox and whitebox application pentesting. Sergio has found numerous critical security vulnerabilities in widely deployed software like Apple Quicktime, Apple MacOSX, Apple iOS, and pretty much all antivirus software out there. He has delivered presentations at well known computer security conferences like CanSecWest, Chaos Communication Congress, among others. During his time in the security industry he has developed tools to automate the process of vulnerability development, runtime analysis and exploitation on Windows, VxWorks, Cisco IOS, QNX, Solaris, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and other embedded RTOS/OS-less. He is actually focusing on ICS/SCADA  infrastructure devices  and embedded software as part of Applied Risk industrial security practice.

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, October 24

9:45am EDT